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Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

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  • Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

    June 23rd, 2010

    The first building to form part of Glasgow?s new supercollege campus was officially opened yesterday.
    Keith Brown, minister for skills and lifelong learning, opened the ?5.6 million Marine Skills Centre on the River Clyde, which will be part of the ?300m City of Glasgow College.
    The state-of-the-art training centre has been built in the first phase of construction for the project, formed by the merger of Glasgow?s Central, Metropolitan and Nautical colleges.
    Paul Little, principal designate of the City of Glasgow College, said: ?We are delighted the minister has formally opened this impressive new facility.
    ?The Marine Skills Centre will form an integral part of the new college?s teaching space and will ensure that Glasgow?s reputation as a world leader in nautical training will continue for years to come.?
    Iain Marley, project director, added: ?This is the first phase of the delivery of the new estate and is a fantastic example of the quality of facilities that will be delivered through this project.?
    The Marine Skills Centre overhangs the Clyde, with elevated gangways connecting the building to both the Clyde walkway and the jetty of the refurbished workshop building.
    The building includes new classrooms and provision of launch facilities.
    The centre will be used for teaching courses in personal survival, proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats and the efficient deckhand programme. ... lls_centre
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    Re: Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

    I've seen it; it does look very spiffy, but they haven't found a method of stopping the jaikeys and neds throwing stuff at you when doing row-the-lifeboat exercises. I was looking forward to some kind of water cannon...
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      Re: Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

      Did the CPSCRB course here. Shame that you cant actually complete the course there though. The new building has a freefall lifeboat which doesnt count when it comes to being able to launch a boat (gravity davits needed) and the old boat at GCNS is now uninsurable to launch. The result, a four hour coach ride down to hull to complete a course there. I will say this is a joke!


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        Re: Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

        just think of the accuracy of this years performance of HMS Pinafore
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          Re: Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

          The coach ride to Hull was a joke as well. Why in the hell did he go all the way down to Manchester and then across to Hull? Bloody madness.
          Which day did you go down for it beer?
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            Re: Glasgow Mega College of Dramatic Seafaring Arts

            Cant remember that far back now lol was a joke though