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Anyone heard of Crew Club Union - If so, what is it like?

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  • Anyone heard of Crew Club Union - If so, what is it like?

    I was on the Warsash site and saw a posting from Crew Club Union which said

    "Morning Warsash...You can still get a CCU card for life in the run up to Christmas to save you ??? giving you local, national and worldwide discounts, when your working and on leave. Simply mention when buying online that you study at Warsash and a card for life is yours!! Why pay more?"

    Has anyone bought one? What are the benefits / discounts like? Is it worth the tenner outlay? Seems too good to be true??????

    About 60 places in Southampton offering discounts of 10%.

    I am not endorsing or promoting, I just want to know a bit more about them....

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    Looks like a good idea, just looking at the website now


    • #3 they use this company. When I worked for Abbey/Santander we has the same thing, we just applied online for the discounts. I know some shipping companies have these also, Maersk for example have deals with Dyson and Vodafone so if you want a contract or a hoover....

      And on a side note, in Glasgow they had a deal for a taxi company for 10% off, so some shipping companies might be willing to pay for the card for you if it reduces your expenses in the long run.