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  • three mobile phone coverage abroad

    My network 'three' has just informed me that I can use my phone as if I was still at home in a few countries, no extra charge! So same calls, text and mostly importantly data plan as if back at home.

    Australia and Hong Kong could come in useful for us seafarers. Lets hope they add to the list in the future.

    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers

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    ooh this could be fun. I'm on three as well and have unlimited data not got any info from them yet.

    strangely though, while I was in France and Holland I didn't get any texts or anything while I was there, despite having signal. Any ideas?


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      3 have always allowed you to use your UK minutes / data / texts when abroad in some countries (basically where you connected to the local "three" network) - I presume this is just a new marketing strategy giving it a fancy name

      Ohh, and note the small print which basically says "if you use it abroad and not in the UK within 3 months - we'll cut you off".

      Coincidently, users of Vodafone & o2 when roaming in Europe have a similar thing where it only charges you a small amount per day for unlimited data.
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        Well I was in Austria last summer (one of the countries on the scheme) and I got charged for using three over there.

        three also have a deal for use in europe, think it is called europass, ?5 a day.

        Yes the devils in the small print, but I think thats just like a fair use policy. Couple of days in port when youre on a 3 month trip would be ok, perhaps a bit different if Hong Kong was your cruise ship turnaround port, wouldnt that be sweet. Lots of tax free camera lenses and electronics.
        Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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          A few networks are like this. Texting is becoming free for a lot across europe.


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            Orange offer 30mb for 3.99 in Europe and some other countries per day and don't charge if you don't use it, they also told me the day I got off ship it went up too 100mb!

            I dunno if it's only cruises but obviously you can get Bbm which is unlimited or something for ?5 a month, and O2 network also worked on the maritime network for Bbm users, tesco's also did a good deal but think they cottoned onto it and cut a lot of people off/started charging! (This is only rough prices and data, dunno the proper details)


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              Vodafone ES charge me 4 euros per day that I use my phone in other European countries, gives me 20 minutes voice 20 texts and 20MB of data.

              Used it last time that I visited the UK and it was much cheaper than using my phone normally.

              Because I have signed up, it now activates automatically every day that I use the phone in an EU country other than Spain.

              Other than that Vodafone ES and other Spanish providers are pretty rubbish.
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                Yeah Clanky I have the same Vodafone thing in the UK. I think its called 'Eurotraveller'? anytime I use my phone in a European country it automatically uses it.

                For ?5 you get FULL data plan (Unlimited txts/internet 600 mins) what ever.


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                  Would rather have that than the fairly limited deal that I get from Vodafone ES.
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