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Search for passenger, 22, overboard from Northern Isles ferry Hjaltland

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  • Search for passenger, 22, overboard from Northern Isles ferry Hjaltland

    As reported earlier today @ ...

    Originally posted by
    A rescue helicopter and several lifeboats are involved in the search for a missing ferry passenger in the North Sea.

    The last confirmed sighting of the 22-year-old man aboard the MV Hjaltland was at about 04:00.

    A search of the vessel - which was sailing from Lerwick to Aberdeen - was organised but the passenger was not found.

    Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Aberdeen lifeboats were called out.

    They were being assisted by a Sea King helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth, two commercial vessels, and the Hjaltland.

    The ferry retraced its route back up the east coast, but arrived in Aberdeen at about midday.

    Aberdeen Coastguard, which is co-ordinating the operation, said given the sailing time which elapsed between the last sighting of the passenger and the lifeboat callout, the search area was extensive - stretching from Rattray Head down to Aberdeen.
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    If they haven't found him in daylight from 0400 till now ... I wouldn't say theres much hope.


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      Originally posted by bobofinga View Post
      If they haven't found him in daylight from 0400 till now ... I wouldn't say theres much hope.
      To be honest, unless you're dressed warmly and are a fairly good swimmer or have a lifejacket, it will become a recovery (not a rescue) after about an hour or two....
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        I think the figure is 2 minutes you last in the North Sea without an immersion suit in Winter?


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          Very sad news, I hope they recover him for the sake of his family.

          Yup, if the cold water shock doesn't more or less get you instantly, 2 minutes is about right, if you survive the initial two minutes, then you're probably not going to survive more than 20' before hypothermia and exhaustion combine, even with a lifejacket on. Miracles do happen but you'd need to be very very lucky.

          Working up West of Shetland at the moment with a crew used to much warmer climes West Africa. Saying that once you've had a few muster drills mid summer and it's 12 degrees with a Force 5 and they've turned up in shorts and tee shirts they soon get the idea that bringing a survival suit is a good idea!


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            West of Shetland ... couldn't pay me enough to go back there in Winter! (well you could but it would be a phone number...)


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              The first time we came out after mobilising for the job in Lerwick, we had fairly good weather but a 5-6m westerly swell... puking on all fronts from certain nationalities onboard... the queue for the hospital was insane! And not helped by the fact the motion had caused the medicine cabinet containing the seasickness tablets to jam shut either.... The vessel's been in Africa for years as have a majority of the crew but I'd joined after 5 years of North Sea winters, so I quite enjoyed the lack of a queue for dinner.

              Saying that though, hoping to be out of here before it properly picks up. Those boys on the standby boat have my full respect!


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                Pity the beeb didn't get their facts right in the story though, cause this SAR operation shows a good solidarity within shipping industry.

                A friend of mine has been assisting with this search today, this was his list of those helping:

                Search and Rescue ops still underway. Never seen an SAR op this extensive before. Three lifeboats, two SAR helicopters and at least 15 other vessels involved. We've been running search lines in a formation of 10 vessels since midday. By my count there were at least 200 seafarers excluding the coastguard and RNLI. Involved:
                Aberdeen Lifeboat
                Peterhead Lifeboat
                Fraserburgh Lifeboat
                Betty Knutsen
                Havila Commander
                SFPV Jura
                Normand Atlantic
                North Mariner
                Olympic Octopus
                Skandi Saigon
                Skandi Stord
                Stril Commander
                Toisa Vigilant
                Vos Server
                Wilson Goole
                Wilson Husum
                Co-ordinated by Aberdeen Coastguard with 2 SAR helicopters in attendance.