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Helicopter carrying 18 ditches near Shetland

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  • Helicopter carrying 18 ditches near Shetland

    Not entirely industry related but;

    A helicopter, believed to be carrying 18 people, has ditched west of Shetland.

    Police Scotland said they have been told the incident happened west of Sumburgh airport.

    The helicopter was operated by CHC, taking people to and from oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

    It is understood a ferry travelling between Shetland and Aberdeen has been diverted to the scene.

    The RNLI said Aith and Lerwick lifeboats were launched at about 19:00.

    The police and ambulance service are standing by in Lerwick.

    The BBC understands that they are anticipating a number of casualties being brought by rescue helicopter to the island.
    Three people are missing after a Super Puma helicopter, carrying 16 passengers and two crew, crashed into the sea near Shetland.
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    Yet another Super Puma and sadly 3 people still missing.

    The Super Puma has only just a week or so ago been cleared fly after being grounded for nearly a year.


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      3 unaccounted for so far. Not good. Not that I know much about helicopters but this seems to be happening with alarming frequency.


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        Is it not the same company as last time as well?
        I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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          Yeah they were both operated by CHC, if I remember correctly


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            The Super Puma's seem to fall out of the sky at an alarming rate.

            I can see why a lot of lads working offshore don't want to get in these helicopters.
            It was like that when I got here.


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              Hoping that we are in port next week for crew change otherwise I'm getting off by chopper, and guess what kind of chopper they are flying down here in West Africa?
              Go out, do stuff


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                They have started using frog - ship transfers in the North Sea , was speaking to a friend on the Elgin Platform last night and he says a few guys are saying theres no chance their leaving via basket or boat ... could be stuck for a while as ALL choppers are grounded.


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                  The risk using basket is probably far greater then by helicopter, I've used basket a few times in the past and I have to admit it scared me, and that was in calm water.

                  The S92 is still operating, and I believe they will reinstate all the other SuperPumas except the L2 that was involved in the accident, however with the recent history of the Super Puma people are right to be nervous. If a commercial airliner had as many technical issues/accidents within the same amount of cycles then I think there would be public uproar. There will always be an inherent risk greater then your average airliner when flying in a helicopter like this, particularly over inhospitable terrain.

                  I've handled an awful lot of EC225 (the newer super pumas) in recent years as FDO (sort of similar role to HLO but a little more risky in some respects) and they are a big helicopter, but just come across as so delicate when up close.


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                    When you leave an offshore boat by helicoptor you get the added bonus of a basket transfer to the rig first, oh the joys.
                    Go out, do stuff


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                      Originally posted by Clanky View Post
                      When you leave an offshore boat by helicopter you get the added bonus of a basket transfer to the rig first, oh the joys.
                      The only time I did that I was in a stretcher and doped up to the eyeballs - someone said at the time it was the preferable way to do it.....

                      Seems they were right!

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                        Originally posted by Clanky View Post
                        When you leave an offshore boat by helicoptor you get the added bonus of a basket transfer to the rig first, oh the joys.
                        We have a helideck.. only had to get in one myself once though, terrifying in Africa when you're way over North Sea heave limits (big swell) and the pilot can't get the door shut properly.... oof!

                        Very sad news though. I hope it convinces the oil companies to put the money in for an alternative, given helicopters have a generally good record- this is shocking.

                        It has stopped a lot of offshore people getting home, where we're working the only helicopters operating are for oil company provided SAR cover. And the weather's not looking good for basket transfers till after the weekend.

                        Sumburgh Head's a tricky place for tides/ overfalls... lots of the respect for the RNLI up here, they honestly are fantastic.