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  • dawg
    Re: Lancashire rapper the youtube formatting sticky :P

    Alas your friend has been watching too much MTV, methinks... he ought to go and get himself laughed at at a working men's club a few times and quit hangin' wid iz hoes at the front of tescos tryna sell his sisters to misters to give 'em genital blisters, just so he can pissed as, a tramp on cider on a Frid-eh, cuz eez to young to get served, and that's ma ni99a word (etc.)

    ...I was holding out for fathermocking Jesus to start swingin' his arms like a ghetto ape on that last one!

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  • Beef1992
    started a topic Lancashire rapper

    Lancashire rapper

    A friend of mine thinks that hes got what it takes to make it
    what do you think haha this is not a joke or spoof this is him trying his best.

    aslo the funniest song lyrics in the world
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