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    This should be good.... Impressive Hollywood Radar

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    Originally posted by TAL View Post
    This should be good.... Impressive Hollywood Radar
    This is what I thought at first, but I think we would all be throwing our popcorn at the screen...

    Someone on my course who was VERY bored - not me, seriously - noticed a few "slip ups".

    The film was suppose to be set in Somalia, HOWEVER the coordinates on the radar showed it was Europe - Malta I think (where it was filmed)! If you are really interested, look at the coordinates of own ship and then cursor at about 8 seconds in - hilarious.

    And since when did a radar ping? I mean maybe I am too young, but I thought that was sonar?

    This was picked up from the trailer alone - Imagine the whole film!

    When I watched Iron Man 3 I was spitting feathers! To find that a tanker was in a container port with gantry cranes?!

    This is what happens to cadets when they stay at home for too long...
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      Originally posted by Lewisscott22 View Post
      When I watched Iron Man 3 I was spitting feathers! To find that a tanker was in a container port with gantry cranes?!
      Layberth? Dockyard? :-D

      Anywho, I don't know if I'm going to be able to watch this without having a heart attack! Bloody soppy Americans...*grumble grumble*
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        Thats hollywood for you, accuracy and the use of professional experts just doesn't happen. It's what the director thinks people want to see. It'll be another film where people push popcorn into their faces for 2 hours straight and come out thinking ah, thats what a ship is.
        Remember, Speed 2 ? Seabourne Legend anyone?


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          Speed 2 - what a film. They were showing it on crew tv on a cruise ship I was on.
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            Originally posted by YoungMariner View Post
            Speed 2 ? Seabourne Legend anyone?
            Having recently re-watched Speed 2 while very bored, it's hilarious! Turning a big wheel to locally control the bow thruster? Expecting it to work at that speed? Brilliant!
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