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Safety Alert - Pilot Ladders

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  • Safety Alert - Pilot Ladders

    Some really important safety points raised by the UK Maritime Pilot's Association following this incident. This picture, from the UKMPA Safety Alert, shows what was left of the ladder.


    Safety Alert:

    Originally posted by UKMPA
    During disembarkation of a 3695 DWT dry cargo vessel in ballast the ship’s pilotladder failed as the pilot was climbing down to the waiting launch. Both ropes on the ladder parted simultaneously (refer to Photo 1) causing the pilot to fall approximately 2.0 metres to the deck of the launch. The pilot sustained injuries to his ankle which resulted in a considerable lost time accident. It could have been far more serious!
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    It's not just the pilot ladders that you need to check, also check the embarkation ladders for the lifeboats and liferafts as well.

    Where the ladder failed is quite a common point (apparently), because even though the ladder is covered up with a tarpaulin, the points where the manila ropes bend upwards are usually still exposed. One former DNV surveyor was telling me that when they were surveying the rope ladders, they used to test them by the kicking them over the side so that as they dropped it put a good shunt on the rope. If the rope was fecked, the lines snapped. If they held, then the lines were good. Obviously don't go around kicking ladders off willy nilly, but make sure you have a good look at those two points on a regular basis and you should be alright....
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