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British nationals on 'anti-piracy' mission in former navy ship arrested off Senegal

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  • British nationals on 'anti-piracy' mission in former navy ship arrested off Senegal

    From the Daily Mail:

    Originally posted by Daily Mail Reporter
    Four have-a-go-hero Brits sailing a converted warship to Africa on what they describe as an 'anti-piracy' mission have been arrested off Senegal. Armed marine commandos boarded their decommissioned fast attack gun ship Defender, which has two fearsome-looking cannons, and took them into custody in Dakar.

    The Senegalese authorities said the four - all ex-UK servicemen - were detained on suspicion of 'illegal activity'.

    The group, led by former Royal Navy submariner Chris Enmarch, had already had the 127ft Defender impounded in the Canary Islands. The Spanish were suspicious that the vessel was registered as a pleasure craft and confiscated their British flag and ordered them to remain in port in Tenerife. But after five weeks on the island the crew gave the authorities the slip - only to be impounded a second time five days later.

    The group are reported to be heading to the pirate-infested Gulf of Guinea where they planned to offer security to oil rigs. They insist they are 'not mercenaries' and their boat has no working weapons or ammunition. They left Cornwall on April 16 and before departing Mr Enmarch, from Penryn, said they were going on an anti-piracy mission. He said they were heading to Senegal 'to discuss with the authorities the possible use of the Defender as a deterrent against illegal fishing boats.'

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    You couldn't make this **** up! Do you think our fridge chucking friend was onboard?
    Go out, do stuff


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      Wouldn't put it past him , loves the spotlight!


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        Other companies are out there doing this already, but these guys seem like amateurs in comparison.


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          Would be ridiculous if they tried to chase away pirates who then retaliated and they had no fire power...