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Cruise Industry responisble for the flight paths of all sea birds.

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  • GuinnessMan
    Shall we wait for our resident specialist employee to comment?

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  • Clanky
    food poisoning
    More than likely Norovirus

    The swimming pool became contaminated with human waste
    **** happens, if it happens in the swimming pool the owners / operaters of the ship can hardly be held responsible.

    Insects in the dining room
    What? Flies in the Red Sea - who'd have thunk it

    Birds landed on the outside tables
    Birds? Outside? get away!

    Feckin' twats

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  • ETwhat?
    I seem to have missed the bit where it talks about the bird landing on th eswimming pool. but what is interesting is that theres only 9 who have brought up these poor standards, now obviously being poisined is bad and yeah they do have the right to compensation but what i think is funny is that people believe that spending ?180 a day should give you luxury (and as im assuming the flights were included the amount of that given to the ship is even lower. it really isnt 5 star money.

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  • Cruise Industry responisble for the flight paths of all sea birds.

    As much as these claims may be true (I will leave that for you and a court to decide) and if so some appalling conditions and practices, how on earth anyone can sue anyone because a bird landed on an outside table is beyond me. I know this is but one part of a class action but really?

    If I so much as sea a dolphin swimming in the sea adjacent to my ship I will of course now be filing a claim for damages.

    Anyone sailed on any of these ships care to comment on this article, I would be interested to read your reactions.