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China's "String of Pearls" Strategy to control world oil...

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  • China's "String of Pearls" Strategy to control world oil...

    source: ... ategy.html ... a-reality/ ... -i/459653/

    What is a "String of Pearls" ... rategy.htm

    China's Energy Security

    The sea lines of communication from Hong Kong to Port Sudan have become a source of conflict with respect to China's future energy security. China is the world's second largest oil consumer and the third largest oil importer. China imports 15% of its oil from West Africa[4], is the largest consumer of Sudanese oil[5], and has signed long term contracts to develop Iranian oil fields[6].
    With a wave of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia[7] in late 2008, the ongoing war in Darfur and the continued oppression by the Robert Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe[8], Chinese foreign policy has now shifted toward a more direct approach to dealing with such hostilities.

    Anyone who thinks British Imperialism is a bad thing, note that nature abhors a vacuum, and Soviet & American Imperialism can be usurped by Chinese Imperialism... a truly dangerous global force, and a reason why Trident is still relevant.
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    makes us in india pretty tensed
    the basic objective is to encircle us


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      The balance of power will shift from the West to the East, thats granted. All Empires have their day, and the West has been and gone. We can't stop natural progression, unless we bomb the whole world except ourselves (I think the yanks seem to be moving along those lines haha)


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        I've got good money on it all kicking off with Iran. Too many countries in that area royally pissed off with them and just waiting for an excuse.

        If that all fails, then eventually Pakistan and India are going to kick off.....

        Extra - Having looked at that map a bit closer, look at the black line. How do we sail through Sri Lanka?

        Blue line is also a bit off. Thanks to our Somalian friends, majority of companies now order their ships to sail within the National Waters of India for protection.
        I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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