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    Hey all,

    Just a link to my blog, with information on latest job offerings available. Very fresh, still putting in all the job information I have, but feel to check it out. Constructive comments as always welcomed.

    Collecting job information for Deck Officers and Marine Engineers. I am not a recruitment agency! Ship Managers & Agencies, feel free to contact me with your latest job offerings.

    Or follow the job tweets: @marinejobsblog

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    You have far too much time on your hands!! Go and learn your col regs and let people google their jobs themselves!


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      I know them!


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        City of glasgow college has filtered your blog yu sure it's marine jobs


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          Haha, yeh pretty sure. Maybe they don't want you guys up there having too much hope eh? Check another blog site, see if it's just mine or all of them.


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            One thing that does seem annoying is alot of the jobs ask for experience on those types of vessel. Does anyone know of companies that hire newly qualified officers?


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              Not to put a downer on this, i'm sure you're doing this for all the right reasons but I do have one small question. Who, in their right mind, would consult a blog about job openings? There is that much fraud and god knows what else going on that I think that what you're doing is a [b]really] bad idea as some people may end up going to someone else's (who's not as honest) blog and end up being scammed. If it was me (who has been through the complete cadet and job recruitment phase) there is no way in hell that I would consult a blog like that for a job. I would go to the the agencies and the actual companies.

              I'm honestly not being nasty and I'm sure you have honest intentions, but if I was you, i'd go and do something a bit more useful....
              I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

              All posts here represent my own opinion and not that of my employer.


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                I got my job through that blog

                Its fine using any resource for job hunting in my opinion. though the job i looked at on that blog was out of date it took me to a website that doesn't initially look like its looking for marine crew, more seismic survey scientists.

                You just have to be wise and not give out any money or card details, and use that rarest of commodities Common sense.