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Friday the 13th an unlucky day for Somalian Pirates

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  • Friday the 13th an unlucky day for Somalian Pirates

    Another small victoy over the scourge of the sea, the Somalian Pirates

    The Royal Navy has captured 13 Somali pirates after boarding a dhow in the Indian Ocean, the Ministry of Defence says, as part of a Nato-led operation.
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    The Royal Navy captured 13 Somalian pirates in the Indian Ocean.


    Warning shots fired by Royal Marine maritime snipers from a Royal Navy Lynx Mark 8 helicopter failed to stop the pirate vessel.

    Royal Marines in speedboats approached the vessel and boarded it, capturing 13 pirates and seizing weapons.

    Last year, the Prime Minister David Cameron announced a conference on the piracy problem to take place in London in February 2012.

    A month earlier, Mr Cameron said ships sailing under a British flag would be able to carry armed guards to protect them from pirates in future.
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