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  • Lloyd's List "Life at Sea" thing... ... 020661.htm

    It's an "IMO" publicity spectacular (in that they can't seem to manage the simple task of publicising anything on their dusty wine-stained old web****e).

    Floyd's Lust are evidently expecting a rush of tales of a life on the ocean waves to fill up the empty bits of their website with free content.

    Frankly, they can shove it up their corporate arseholes if they aren't even willing to allow cadets and maritime students a free or highly concessionary membership of their site - shows their level of competence and vision that whilst bleating on about the lack of new entrants, they're too tight and short-sighted to dish out any treats.

    Still, we can always add them to the whipping boy list, along with Bad Press Ltd, so they get nice and searchey ont tinter.
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