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ETO HND Discontinued

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  • ETO HND Discontinued

    I recieved a phone call from one of the lads at Clyde yesterday to inform me that the HND route for ETO's at South Tyneside is no longer running.

    Which means I've got to take the normal engine route! Not too fussed, but does anyone know whether id still get the chance later in my career to specialise as an ETO??

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    Re: ETO HND Discontinued

    That's absolute ploppycock.

    STC only do an FdEng Marine Electronic and Electrical Engineering - there's never been a HND in it - phone/email Edexcel if you don't believe me!
    He's flustering out of his ****whistle in my opinion.

    Did you actually phone STC to check his facts for him?!

    Demand for Marine Electrical people is reportedly growing (and not oversubscribed), so I wouldn't worry about it at the moment. If you were to do the normal engine route, you could conceivably do a HNC EE by distance learning at Tees Uni eventually (I certainly would, it's not that hard).
    That (AIUI) is the actual level of many RFA Systems Engineers and marine electro officers (I won't use the term ETO, as it only confuses people).

    BP have advertised for electro people. I think Acergy (through SSTG?) take them; and certainly Bibby do; and Chiltern (& Viking)... not to mention Carnival.

    You may be fine for January with any of them... I'd just ask... it won't hurt.
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      Re: ETO HND Discontinued

      Clyde advertised the HND as a feasible route for me to do the electro marine stuff, I asked them if it might be possible for me to do the foundation, but I don't have enough UCAS points.

      I will phone the college though to find out the score, and also have a look at your suggestions, thankyou! Although without enough UCAS points I think I'll just have to suck it up, knuckle down and work my balls off on the Engine route.

      Check this link, it metions under the electro marine option that "All ETO trainees will study toward...A Foundation Degree OR HND Marine Engineering"

      I'm already starting to dislike Clyde!


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        Re: ETO HND Discontinued

        HND Marine Engineering is mechanical not electrical (AIUI = As I Understand It).

        It sounds deliberately ambiguous to me (...although it's just as likely that whoever wrote it is clueless. )

        Here's a (possibly out of date) list: ... s_List.pdf

        Although it does actually list a "HND Marine Electrical & Electronic Engineering" at STC, you shouldn't assume that it's correct, just because it's on a slick and official-looking site. ... ation.aspx
        This page seems to have last been updated in 2008...*/http://www ...
        (as well as by the timestamp at the bottom left of the page).

        The Warsash courses on there do not marry up with what's on the Warsash site: ... sting.aspx

        I see no such course listed here:
        There's no actual past papers listed, as there is for the other two courses, which suggests to me that the course never existed.

        BP, Chiltern Maritime (Viking Recruitment), Bibby Line, ADNATCO (Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company), ACERGY, and Global Marine Systems

        (seems like Carnival have shut up shop for engineers of all persuasions )

        Acergy use Clyde Marine - I think Acergy look like an interesting company.
        Global Marine Systems use SSTG - they look similar to Acergy.
        "ADNATCO"... no idea! maybe Anglo-Eastern? Chiltern? ... asp?ID=117
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