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  • Sad News

    As ever Sea Faring only in the news when stuff goes wrong.

    Sad news for all concerned
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    Re: Sad News

    It does go to show, that even in the safest of circumstances-the sea will claim you. I do hope that this doesn't put other young people off from sailing activities in the future though.


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      Re: Sad News

      The media love to hype up a sad story.....

      Did anyone else notice that piracy wasnt ever really discussed in the news until an oil tanker was taken?
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        Re: Sad News

        I take the point that there was no attention paid to the 150th celebration of the Sea Cadets in the same way there might be with a similar anniversary for the Cub Scouts, but let's get this into some perspective, this is an unfortunate event for all concerned, and I can't imagine what the boy's parents are going through. It's a worst nightmare to send your kids off to have some fun and for it to turn into a tragedy.

        As an aside, I would expect the sea to feature more in the news over the coming decades as the importance of the sea to the survival of human civilisation becomes better understood in mainstream discourse. This will of course include both good and bad news. Personally, I think being ignored by the media is probably more desirable than being hounded by them over something...

        MAIB will do it's job, and the HSE will get busy, and hopefully Tall Ships programmes will continue, albeit with some expensive changes; and some recompense towards the boy's memory will be made, so the fear and pain can subside. I suspect accidents such as these are more common in river-based activities with children/young teenagers, and there's only so much you can do.
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          Re: Sad News

          This is very sad news.
          Life at sea is dangerous & it is tragic that it is such a young life that has been lost.
          The Royalist does have a great safety record & it would be tragic if this one incident lead to the loss of this
          great vessel to the Sea Cadets.


          Year of the Sailor 2010...dont forget that.