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Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged

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  • Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged

    Sea Shepherd in the news again...

    Originally posted by BBC News
    An anti-whaling ship is being towed to safety after being stranded off the western coast of Australia.

    The Brigitte Bardot vessel was following the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean when a rogue wave cracked its hull.
    Another boat from the anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd went to the rescue.

    Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, spoke to the BBC from the rescue ship Steve Irwin.
    I admit that car racing, whether NASCAR or Formula 1 is a very technical and demanding sport, I mostly watched only to see the wrecks that occurred during a race....

    An anti-whaling ship is being towed to safety after being stranded off the western coast of Australia.
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    Allow me to sit back and laugh my arse off.....
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      I know people who have worked for the Greenpeace ships, and apparently they operated to a fairly professional and safe standard, and most of the action was via the lawyers and the ships were for gaining a bit of media attention and showing some presence.
      But these anti whaling guys, I wouldn't even consider working for them, they are downright dangerous, not just to themselvs and their crew, but to the other vessels.

      I of course don't agree with whaling, but this isn't going to stop it. They would be better off putting pressure through the legal system and media in Japan.


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        I've actually just been watching the first series of Whale Wars today (xmas present) a great cause but those Sea Shepherd guys... The series is addictive purely because you want to see what hilariously stupid (and often extremely dangerous) thing they do next