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M/V Swanland sinking in the Irish sea

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  • M/V Swanland sinking in the Irish sea

    The Swanland sank last night after running into difficulties in the Irish sea, 2 crew have been rescued however six are still missing. Lets hope they're all found alive and dont just become another statistic.

    Link not posted because Im on my mobile phone.
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    I found these links.

    Fingers crossed they find all the crew soon!
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      Looks like they've found one of them, doesn't say if he's dead or alive though

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        Unfortunately I think this is a search to recover bodies.
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          Two Missing

          Two Alive

          One Sadly Dead
          Maybe I will never be
          All the things that I want to be
          But now is not the time to cry
          Now's the time to find out why


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            MAIB report published today:

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