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    Interesting story.

    However it's not normally the ship's officers who determine how many armed guards will need to come on board, it's the CSO/Superintendent who determines that. Normally, for a large vessel (e.g. Suezmax tanker) there will be around 3 or 4 guards on board working roughly 12 hour shifts on watch. Body Armour (when provided) is normally kept ready on the bridge, however not many companies are willing to spend ?3,000 odd for one set of IIIA body armour.

    Also, from a shoreside perspective, the jury is still out on the use of citadels. Some swear by them and some don't.
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      Far too many misconceptions and beliefs about piracy, these courses are having the ex-SAS/Military guys onboard is very helpful.
      Although I don't think it'll really help that much, it'll be better once we see insurance rates rising. Piracy mostly (not always), seems to hit 3rd world crews with poor training under commercial pressures, otherwise its idiots who steam through without any thought.