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  • Fatigue

    An interesting video on fatigue, its quite long so only watch if you've got a long time (or are bored)

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    hmmm... STAND on watch, like they did in the old days. Problem of falling asleep in over-comfy chairs solved and everyone can happily
    carry on with their work

    Thanks for posting it btw, the Swedes have been really crazy about this which I suppose is a good thing as it's a serious matter..


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      This is a really good video actually. The UK is on the verge of signing up to the new Maritime Labour Convention, which will bring with it strict rules on work hours. Additionally the Manila Amendments incorporated into the new STCW do give more guidance.

      I suppose one day we will go the same way as the aviation industry, with strictly regulated work hours and required rest time. There is a lot of legislation in place already governing hours, it's just above average.

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        fell asleep watching this video.........whoooops
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          I agree Turnbats, on some ships I've been on the hours written down on the HoR forms was nothing like what was actually done. The problem is the reduction of manpower and increased paperwork, leaving people in a situation where they can either do their job properly, and work more hours; or jobs either don't get done, or are paid lip service only. This will only change when shipping companies realise that they cannot continue to "streamline" the business by reducing costs and let the ship's officer run the ships as they see fit, not how some monkey in an office sees fit. The conventions may help this in some respects, as in, with reduced working hours and harsher fines if the HoR are not adhered to properly (how this can be truely regulated I don't know) companies may be forced to employ more crew. Only time will tell if this works though.


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            HoR are currently un changing spreadsheets on this ship, and while it details what is the normal working day for each person and adheres to the rules theres no actual connection to what happens, writing handover notes, fixing something that has gone tits up, taking a cadet through something that means it takes longer.

            Theres no real way to enforce the rules either, its not like a factory where when people clock out they cant get back to work. would be interesting to know how its planned to police it
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              The only true way that working hours are going to be reduced on ships is by increasing the amount of crew on board. By increasing the crew, sharing the workload, and giving shorter shifts. But as always and everything if it costs money, it won't come in. Safety is paramount, unless it's expensive.
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