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Will things pick back up

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  • Will things pick back up

    Saw this article on sky news which seems interesting for travel industry:

    Will this mean cruises will be back in full swing and ferries having full passengers..will be interesting to see! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    Cruise Industry has been starting up slowly over the last few months and this will start accelerating soon including international cruises. Limited passengers and all the usual precautions to start but hopefully the first step back towards normality.


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      Yes I think it will. However donโ€™t expect it to be the same for the crew as it was. Restrictions will undoubtedly stay, as it would be an insurance and pr nightmare for a cruise line if crew got a vessel quarantined.


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        It will take a while but things will get back to normal. Covid is here to stay and will eventually fade into the background along with all the other endemic viruses that people contract regularly and don't think twice about. It might take a few years to get to that stage but eventually we will just have to get on with things.