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Rumour has it that Seafarers Earnings Deductions is changing....

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  • Rumour has it that Seafarers Earnings Deductions is changing....

    I heard through the grapevine that seafarers tax is going to be changing so that those who benefit from an essentially tax free income, will now have to pay tax based on how many days they are in the uk.

    Anyone heard similar? Any truth to this?

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    Anything is possible with U.K. politics and your politicians, not even sure where the Johnson ‘chap’ is these days certainly not turning up to debates is he! Anything in the manifestos, maybe in their grey books? You know where they hide the important details they don’t want anyone to see !


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      I didn't see anything specific to the S.E.D in one of the likely candidates Grey Books, but then again, certain parties like to tax anything that moves. I don't want this thread to get political, but yeah, you get my drift.

      Bear in mind, this is only something I've heard via an industry contact, so I'm not sure how legitimate the idea is. They seemed to say it with a certainty though, so I have no idea. I sincerely hope not!


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        Only thing I’ve heard is Non Dom status would go under one of the parties.


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          Isn’t SED considered same as Non Domiciled for tax purposes, perhaps this is where it’s coming from?


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            As far as I'm aware, the SED is a separate piece of tax legislation with its own special rules; i.e only seafarers who spend X amount of time away from the UK and not on FSPO's etc. Can't remember the actual figure.


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              This has been rumoured since I joined in 2011 but nothing ever happened, it was always just rumours. There was a lot of fuss at one point from oil rig guys saying it wasn’t fair they had to pay tax and the government’s official response was pretty much “we don’t care” and “seafarers need incentives to stay in the job”.

              I doubt it’ll change, if it does people will just move away because most people are in it for money and money isn’t great when it’s being taxed mostly at 40%.


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                This would destroy what is left of the British Merchant Navy. The tax free aspect is one of the main reasons I am still at sea and without that I would be looking for a shore job fairly sharpish.