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British Tanker Siezed by Iran

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  • British Tanker Siezed by Iran

    Interesting developing story. I wonder if there are actually any British crew on board. People always worry about pirates etc but you don't go to sea expecting to be boarded by the Iranian Navy! Doesn't seem to be too much detail about whats going on but I hope the crew are being treated well.

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    Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, said that it was understood that no British Citizens were onboard either vessel.

    Here is a list of things that annoyed the Iranians;

    "The Iranian Revolutionary Guard-affiliated news agency said the tanker was seized for breaking three regulations: shutting down its GPS; going through the exit of the Strait of Hormuz rather than the entrance; and ignoring warnings."

    Didn't know that shutting down GPS could lead in part to getting boarded by Iranian military! Though it seems fairly obvious that it is just retaliation for Royal Marines boarding an Iranian tanker recently I guess.


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      A colleague of mine is in contact with someone that signed of it very recently and he tells me its an all Indian crew apart from three Russian officers...


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        3 Russian Officers, probably all reporting back to Putin and the FSB as we speak. Great.

        So much for being a 'British' ship.