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  • MCA CoC processing time

    Has anyone recently applied and recieved their CoC recently. I've just sent off to receive my Mates but the 14 day period has already gone by and still no sign! Anyone had a similar experience?

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    I know when my old company had mass revalidation requirements the guys were told expect up to 30 days for processing.


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      The Hatchling sent off for his Mates when he passed earlier this year and he did not have it back within 2 weeks so his company put in a "hurry up" request to the MCA and it arrived back 2 days after his original joining day but still that was fast for the MCA!

      Bloody nightmare!
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        Cheers guys! Just typical MCA, spend a year doing my Mates then wait on them to take their time in issuing my CoC.


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          Nautilus Have advised its member who are working European flagged vessels and have a CEC should renew their current COC & CEC early in case there are any complications after the brexit deadline so there may be an influx of applications with the MCA just now