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  • [email protected]

    Can the forum members tell me which companies use the [email protected] or [email protected] plus as part of their recruitment process. Many thanks

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    I've never known any companies to offer it although I'm sure some do!

    It seems a little irrelevant for mariners from the UK. The Deck/Engine Officers will have no need of basic English/Maths lessons having already studied and passed their exams. The colleges are good for teaching the basic maths knowledge cadets need before they are sent away to sea. Apprentices/Ratings are overwhelmingly close to shore (Ferries/OSV etc) and have solid internet connections - so why pay for the MSSC course when top notch courses are run by the likes of Stanford University and others for free?


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      Looking at the fees it?s not exactly expensive and you can stop at anytime, and it?s tailored to relevant aspects. Thinking back over the years I?ve lost count of the times we?ve had people say they want to brush up on their Maths etc because it?s years since they did any study.
      There are heaps of free online courses Future Learn for example for languages, currently running a beginners Norwegian, and there?s a Dutch one too.
      However, issue with all of these is internet access for anyone at sea, same for cadets, unless you have good internet, and it?s cheap it makes online courses almost a waste of time. Unless they can be downloaded in advance.

      Not an answer to the question asked though, but maybe why it?s not been mentioned as a source either on here? Ive seen it advertised in various publications, I?m aware of it?s existence. I have not looked at any company recruitment literature for a long while (offspring qualified a few years back) so no idea if they mention it, but it rings a bell.....Could be MNTB or Careers at Sea that do.

      I?m very passionate about access to Education and support any effort to make it free and accessible to all. I?ve spent enough years campaigning on that front. Must lodge it in brain for the next time someone asks.


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        Maersk used it as part of their pre-screening process for cadets in 2014.
        Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

        Will work for money/sea time.