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Under its public spending cuts, the UK government has announced that:
  • the RFA will suffer considerable reductions to fleet and sea staff.[/*2sk02wvx]
  • Seafarers? Earning Deductions, under a review of tax allowances, and the tonnage tax scheme are being scrutinised for possible abolition[/*2sk02wvx]
  • the future of the Support for Maritime Training Scheme (SMarT) is being reviewed[/*2sk02wvx]
  • vital safety services such as emergency towing vessels (ETVs) and offshore fire fighting could be withdrawn. Find out more.[/*2sk02wvx]
  • the number of coastguard maritime rescue coordination centres may be halved, meaning a loss of around 226 jobs[/*2sk02wvx]
  • Maritime & Coastguard Agency survey and certification work may be handed over to classification societies[/*2sk02wvx]
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