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Future changes to STCW95 at Manila conference 2010

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  • Future changes to STCW95 at Manila conference 2010

    "Cadet Crisis" Background
    In 1982 the measurement used for fixing ships' port duties, pilotage and canal fees etc, was changed from GRT ( Gross Register Ton ) to GT ( Gross Tonnage ). GT is an unitless index of all enclosed space on a ship. Including space occupied by cadets. In the end this led to increased operations costs for commercial ships. The unintended consequence of the change was to reduce size of accommodation while the ships grew bigger.

    As old ships slowly has been replaced by new ships with smaller accommodation and no space for cadets - cadets don't bring any revenue - we have arrived at the current situation where the whole cadet training system is about to break down.

    In June this year ( 2010 ) there is a "summit" with IMO and other organizations in Manila, Philippines. I have a very strong feeling the "cadet space problem" is one matter that will be strongly debated and hopefully solved. Read Cadets in danger of being left high and dry. ... ining.html ... Agenda.pdf ... Report.pdf

    agenda items 7 & 8

    The process of revising and updating the STCW Convention has been underway since 2005 and is now in the final phases with just one sub-committee meeting in London in January 2010, before the convening a diplomatic conference in Manila in June 2010 at which Governments will agree the changes and a schedule for their adoption and implementation.
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