I know we don't often mention obituaries but I thought this one might be worth publicising.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituar ... asson.html

I met him at a 'do' some years back and if memory serves he was involved with some kind of sailing trust so as to occupy himself during retirement, he was very much a Master of the old school and by all accounts an excellent seaman.
He started off his seagoing career on the cargo ships of Shaw Savill & Albion Line (affectionately known as Slow Starvation and Agony), before a spell on the Indian run with P&O and British India Line, then settled into the passenger ships of P&O - the real P&O that is, not the US owned plastic imitation we have today.
The mention in his obituary about trying to avoid mixing with his passengers is interesting - a man who preferred to be with his ship rather than the cattle.