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    Just a quick one, it's a little off topic but I'm a phase one cadet at the moment and I'm going to sea in August. I'm thinking of changing my mobile provider soon anyway so I was just wondering what the mobile internet situation is like both at sea and abroad, and which companies offer the best coverage?

    May as well pick the best provider I can since I'll be going to sea soon so any info will be appreciated.


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    A 3 sim with "feel at home" will likely give you the best range of countries where you will be able to use mobile date. This is what I have and most of my colleagues also. Of course depends where you are trading and how often you are in port how usable this is. When you are actually "at sea" its all company dependent. In terms of using your mobile data, forget it. The only place you would really be able to do this is cruise ships and its about £6 per megabyte (thats actual data through your network and is obviously prohibitively expensive, the crew internet packages through wifi are more reasonable depending on the company)


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      You've lose mobile signal within a couple of hours of leaving land... it takes a little getting used to, having incredibly restricted internet, but you'll get there.

      The home from home law bought in last year has made most networks a viable option.
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        Three feel at home definitely. Covers you in so many countries outside of th EU.