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ULCVs and stowage of IMDGs

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  • ULCVs and stowage of IMDGs

    Many of the articles about the Maersk Honam fire speculated that it had started due to an IMDG container in the fwd hold. Regardless of whether this is true, I have a questions regarding ultra large container vessels (ULCVs) with bridges fwd and the stowage of IMDGs.

    I have not been on box boat since 2010, when I finished my cadetship, at that time containerships mostly had their accommodation aft so IMDGs were carried in the forward holds as far away from the accommodation as possible. With modern ULCVs with bridges/accommodations more commonly at the fwd end of the vessel, are IMDGs still carried in the fwd hold or are they now carried at the stern, which would now be the furthest point from the accommodation?

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    When I work on the E class we carried DG in the fwd most and after most holds


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      I suppose the next big question is whether the fire was caused by an improperly declared container?