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Modernising the Merchant Navy Industry

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    Originally posted by endure View Post
    In what way?
    Cruise ships and large DP construction/drill ships have communications officers (primarily related to Satellite Comms/Internet), superyachts have AV/IT officers who deal with the same. With increased automation the demand for a communications/electronics specialist will increase.


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      Glad to read all the feedback this post has generated and i've taken a lot from this. Mainly the point that if you want good rotation and better treatment stick to cruise ships or Superyachts which is where my research has lead me anyway. I'll take some time to consider options with regard to making a difference but I strongly believe that as the older generation start to retire and leave the industry we'll see a change in how it's ran also which will be exciting to see. I'm not saying 'Once all the oldies chuff off we'll see new ideas implemented and to hell with the old' so don't be naive to jump down my neck due to misinterpreting my point. I've witnessed this happen in other industries where the new generations have come through and priorities for standards change. It's all beneficial for the seafarer at the end of the day.

      As for your spelling Chiefy - It along with your grammar are still poison to the eyes :-)


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        The 'new generations' have been coming through, as you put it, since time began. I was part of the 'new generation' when I joined my first ship in August 1968 and seafaring/working at sea has changed almost beyond recognition since then. You really do need to listen to Chiefy though - he knows what he is talking about. Also, just so that you know, I'm still fully employed in the shipping industry at the tender age of 69 - so I guess that those of us in the 'old generation' must be doing something right.