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SMART PLUS and the budget

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  • SMART PLUS and the budget

    There was no mention of SMART PLUS in the budget despite a joint push by the Chamber of Shipping and Nautlius. A missed opportunity? Or will it be in the yet to be annouced Industrial Strategy? Maybe its relatively small beer at extra £15 million and can be done separately to the main budget?

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    It is clear that the Chamber were hoping for an announcement, we can only just hope it was held back as part of a wider-ranging set of initiatives to be introduced. It is a shame given that the rationale for pushing for an increase in SMarT has been on the table for nearly four years now.


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      I recall you saying ages ago these things take a while. Governments must be the slowest things on this planet they make Sloths look fast!


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        and while we wait several other countries and marine administrations implement similar policies. Very frustrating


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          apparently you have put in a sector bid to be part of the industrial strategy.....