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Maersk Tankers sale

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  • Maersk Tankers sale

    Am I right in undertanding Maersk Tankers has been sold to AP Moller.....which is actually Maersk?

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    Sort of, it's been sold to a majority group of Maersk shareholders then some kind of management group is going to be set up.


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      Will the officers still be able to serve on tanker fleet and supply and container fleet


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        Well it's not affecting officers in the Supply or Container fleets. Once you qualify you get assigned to one fleet and that's it, they're run as separate companies. I've not heard about what'll happen to the officers in the Tanker fleet yet, there's certainly not been any talk of redundancy.


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          It will all depend on how far they move from Maersk, if they decided to keep the name and go fully 3rd party management, or if it's just a giant tax dodge and nothing very much will change.

          But as said earlier, once you qualify you are assigned a fleet and pretty much it, you can occasionally move etc but that isn't the norm.

          As for large scale lay offs, you will still have the same number of ships to man, and regarles there aren't that many seafarers laying about waiting for job, yes conditions and pay scales may not be as good, but really within the industry there is very little unemployment. Quality, arguable, may be hit and miss but that's a while different thing
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