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UK’s Maritime Sector Launches Cyber Security Code of Practice

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  • UK’s Maritime Sector Launches Cyber Security Code of Practice

    Ships need to prove their cybersecurity by 2021. Failure to do this could lead to ships being impounded. The maritime sector is a vital part of the global economy, whether it is carrying cargo, passengers or vehicles. Ships are becoming increasingly complex and dependent on the extensive use of digital and communications technologies throughout their operational life. Poor security could lead to significant loss of customer and/or industry confidence, reputational damage, potentially severe financial losses or penalties, and litigation affecting the companies involved. The compromise of ship systems may also lead to unwanted outcomes.

    The Code of Practice explains why it is essential that cyber security be considered as part of a holistic approach throughout a ship’s lifecycle, as well as setting out the potential impact if threats are ignored. The Code of Practice is intended to be used as an integral part of a company’s or ship’s overall risk management system and subsequent business planning, so as to ensure that the cyber security of the ship, or fleet, is managed cost effectively as part of mainstream business.

    Code of Practice: