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Marine Diesels study guides

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  • Marine Diesels study guides

    Considering getting the study guides from the marine diesels website. Just wondering if anyones bought these and can tell me if theyre worth the money ?

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    Have the seconds issues, I think they are good. Way i see it is that I've spent more money on worse things!
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    It's not my place to run the boat
    the fog horn I can't blow.

    It's not my place to say just where
    the boat's allowed to go

    It's not my right to dock the boat
    or even clang the bell

    But let the damn thing
    start to sink AND SEE WHO CATCHES HELL!


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      I signed up for access to thw chief's past papers and answers when I did my chiefs (a few smokos ago) and I still maintain that it was a big part of the reason why I passed.
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