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  • MNTB help

    I am currently on the end on my first voyage as an engine cadet (4 months).
    the trb says that the tasks shaded in light gray should be undertaken during the first sea phase and tasks shaded in dark grey may be completed if deemed satisfactory on the first sea phase or the 2nd
    Now if I were to complete some tasks i.e both the light shaded and dark on my 2nd voyage would that be a problem?
    (The required sea time of 9 months would completed onboard 2 ships
    light grey shaded tasks indicate making progress
    dark grey shaded tasks indicate satisfactory )


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    Have tasks signed as and when you do them. Ignore the whole recommended for 1st/ 2nd phase thing. It's actually somewhat beneficial to get a fair chunk done on your first ship if you have a good crew as you are never guaranteed to be able to do things on your second ship.