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  • UMS Regulations - EOOW Orals

    Just covering the requirements for UMS operation and I keep coming across mentions of a maximum 8 hour UMS period. This is also something I have come across while at sea but i can find any mention of it in regulations.

    Is it a real regulation or is it company/classification society requirements?
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    Class and we normally use 10 hours as the max, but having the motorman start at 0600 can count....even though he isn't a watch keeper, he should call someone if he sees a blindingly obvious leak etc
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      Thought this might be helpful,

      DNV rules on UMS.

      Most of it is ship build, dictated by SOLAS. But you need to be aware of it for ship modifications to be class approved.

      Great explination here;

      Various regulatory authorities at the international level issue rules and regulations for the
      installation and operation of control equipment onboard ships.

      The IMO (International Maritime Organization) has mandatory regulations for ships
      operating with periodically unattended machinery spaces and these are contained in the
      International Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS).

      Further mandatory regulations may be imposed by the National Administration with which
      the ship is registered and these usually take the form of an interpretation of SOLAS regulations.
      The international classification societies, such as Lloyd?s Register of Shipping, Det Norske
      Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd, issue detailed
      rules specifying the minimum controls, alarms and safeguards that need to be fitted for the ship
      to be assigned a classification notation.

      The classification societies meet through the forum of IACS (International Association of
      Classification Societies) to ensure that there is no significant difference between their minimum
      requirements and that the SOLAS regulations will also be complied with through the
      classification process.

      It is important to appreciate that when a ship is assigned the UMS notation (or equivalent);
      the flag authority will normally permit some dispensation on the engineering manning level.
      This dispensation is only permitted while the UMS notation remains valid and accordingly
      the classification societies periodically survey the controls, alarms and safety systems through
      the ship?s service life. If defects were found in the control engineering installations, which
      affect the UMS notation, it would be suspended.
      From here:

      UMS also stands for Urugauy Maritime Safety, so don't get confused if you got to Montevideo! I was briefly when I was told UMS service engineers were coming on board! :P