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  • EOOW Oral Revison.

    Hey all,

    Just got my NOE and am going to book my first oral exam, can anybody advise me on how long I should allow myself for revision (There will probably be a two week wait anyways) and what I should use as study material for Orals (E.g. past questions, IAMI papers, my old ship's procedures/plant etc.).

    Is going to be as nightmarish as people make out?


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    I would recommend no more than two weeks revision, revising every day, allowing yourself a good break between sessions to relax. I started a month before and found by the end was losing momentum as me and the guy i was revising with were able to answer all the questions we had and we were getting bored. haha
    Revise with a friend and make sure that your are not simply writing answers to questions down in a book. You absolutely have to get used to answering the questions verbally.
    Your college should provide you with a long list of questions to help as a guide and you should use your ships procedures for your ship specific stuff.
    If they have not done this then PM me and i can send you some.
    Its not as bad as you think. I felt like I did terribly but the guy said I was confident in my answers and was safe. The main thing at EOOW they are looking for is that you are safe. Know how to blow down gauge glasses, blow down boilers, parallel gennys, electrical and mechanical Isolations and tag/lock out procedures. Answering these incorrectly are a no go.
    Just be confident in your ability and dont waffle onto subjects you are unsure about as you can guarentee he will start asking you about it.
    Good luck with them.

    Where are you doing your orals by the way?


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      EOOW orals prep

      I'm on the professional diploma course and still at college working on my project that's is due May 5th. I booked my orals yesterday for June 8th that's before I even have any oral prep classes because they had no dates available in July due to examiners on holiday at that time so I'm gonna be studying at home plus continuing my course work for college. Im looking for some tips on the best ways to study for the orals. Thanks Ross


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        hello chaps I'm the same as you both and doing revision for Orals, you talk about oral prep classes where are you looking at taken them as I'm not able to find a college that has the course.


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          The college will put the oral prep classes on for you in different subjects to get you ready for orals. I didnt do oral prep as I took my orals just as the classes where starting. I studied at home on my own just going over all the legislation and all my ships procedures. I didnt look at past papers as there was a lot of different questions and I didnt want it to put me off. I stuck to MGN 69 the syllabus and I passed the exam. It is nerve racking the stress you might put yourself through but everyone is different, I studied for 5 weeks 3 to 4 hours a day. Also make sure you look at 4 stroke and 2 stroke because you can get asked questions on either even if you havent sailed on them.


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            Originally posted by Roscoe1983 View Post
            Also make sure you look at 4 stroke and 2 stroke because you can get asked questions on either even if you havent sailed on them.
            I would expect that you would be more likely to get grilled on 2 strokes if you haven't sailed with them than if you have.
            Go out, do stuff