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    Hello All,

    I am an aerospace student in my final year and wanting to join the merchant navy after I graduate. The more I read about the life of an engineering officer, the more it just seems for me! There's one thing I haven't really come across in my research though and I was wondering if someone here could please be of assistance

    As can be imagined my course is quite maths heavy at times, a component of it I quite enjoy My question is, could anybody please describe some of the typical things on-board that you may find challenging in a more mental kind of way? Not limited to maths just the things that require a bit of thinking, I'm sure there's lots but I've not come across many specific examples! Ready for a hard life at sea but wouldn't mind the chance to stretch my brain every now and then

    Many Thanks,

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    All marine engineering problems can be solved with a pair of lace panties and a sledge hammer. Isn't that right Chiefy?
    io parlo morse


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      Going on past experience, lube oil and fuel consumption calculations seems to be higher maths for some....
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        Originally posted by GuinnessMan View Post
        Going on past experience, lube oil and fuel consumption calculations seems to be higher maths for some....
        And as for making sure that the numbers in the big green book of lies all add up.....
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          We make tax accountants look like planks
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            In fairness, when I was doing my trips as a cadet my other half asked where all my calculations where from my work as she had all sorts to do supposedly on the bridge, I said the only maths I do is rest hours and pay haha oh and counting heads for cups of tea/coffee ....... oh wait is this just me? lmao
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              you do have to be able to handle big numbers, like the ones on the back of a spares packet.
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                Regularly things happen that require out of the box thinking for a solution, recently we had our HFO storage suction quick closing valve plate come off the spindle. So we we're unable to pump from storage from settling Tk. The only other access points on the tank were a 17m sounding pipe, and a drain valve for removing water. We've had to attach hose to the drain v/v of the storage tank and lead it to the overflow tk drain v/v and fill the overflow tank via gravity.

                We are hoping that the head on the storage tank will be enough to tank the level down low enough that we can remove the QC v/v for repair's, although the drain v/v is only 15cm lower than the QC v/v.

                Time will tell...
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                But let the damn thing
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                  Can't you just drill a hole in the bottom of the storage tank and use a bit of duct tape to re-attach the quick closing valve plate to the spindle? Or maybe because it's HEAVY FO it might just sink naturally into the settling tank? But what do I know; I'm just an aspiring window gazer.