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    Wondering if anyone here has recently passed the engine oral exams? Im studying for them now and just wondering what to expect?


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    I passed last month.. My advice would be to just stick to the syllabus (MGN 69, stuck a link to it at the bottom of the page), thats what worked for me. I used it to make sure the past questions college gave me covered everything, and then just studied like hell. Be ready to draw diagrams of all your systems, and be familiar with your regs too.

    Be well presented and remember that you are there to prove yourself, its not just about your knowledge, you need the right attitude too. Asking the examiner how he's doing and talking about the weather and stuff at the start is a good shout, it will break the ice a bit so you's get off on the right foot..

    Good luck mate!


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      Thanks, I didn't know about the syllabus until now so that'll help.

      Well done


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        Know your own ship well, he will ask you questions about YOUR ship and if you've wrote about it and don't know about it he'll think you look stupid! He'll ask you about your system drawings, so make sure you understand them fully. MGN69 is pretty good as Lewis said. The big things a lot of exams focus on are symptoms/causes/reactions to emergencies (scavenge fires, oil mist detection, uptake fire). Oh, and know how to blow down a boiler gauge glass... he'll probably ask you that.

        In your answers do not mention anything you do not understand - he formulates a lot of his questions based on answers you give! So if you say "check fridge compressor pressures" he will probably ask you next about compressor trips etc.


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          I'm doing my sea time on supply boats so there's a lot of things I've never experienced relating to large slow speed engines, is that going to be a problem? I've got it in my head that i'm going to struggle because of this


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            My examiner decided to ask me about my second last ship which put me off a bit. I was only expecting to be asked about my last ship or generic stuff.