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    Hey Everyone,

    Does anyone know of any higher engineering mathematics interactive cd-roms or software which would be helpful for revising the maths content of the Foundation degree route.

    Many thanks.

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    May or may not be of use.
    what I've found with these course is frequently they have links to other sources, and the participants come from all kinds of backgrounds and post links to info.
    Other than that there are lots of videos on you tube that cover different mathematical areas.


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      An excellent free website for all math topics and other things too (sign up required). Simple to watch YouTube videos often in series starting with the basics going to the degree and higher level. Nicely laid out videos with bright colours (sounds stupid but it does help!). Definitely give it a try, it helped me wonders in school and college.


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        Oh and for Khan academy you go to Maths for maths (obviously!) and for engineering topics go to Science > Physics.


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          If your an STC cadet I've got some maths uni notes your more than welcome to look through that cover the same stuff. There's a disk that comes with the engineering maths by k a Stroud , not sure I ever used it or if it's any good but I'll av a look an see if I've still got it somewhere...