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    Hi guys,

    It looks as though I will be venturing into the world of offshore for my first appointment as a qualified engineer...

    With regards to roles and responsibilities, is there much different in what a 3rd would be responsible for on a support vessel and other types of ships? do I need to get familiar with any specialist systems that I might not have sailed with before? Also, what is the engine department structure like? I'm used to sailing with a moderate sized engine crew but I'm assuming this will change when going onto supply boats .

    Hope someone can help!
    Cheers in advance

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    it all depends on who and how many

    On many the 3rd is actually the 4th on normal boats, there will (most likely) be Chief, 2nd 3rd it's your first trip might be 2pce 3rd's might nt...depends.

    argo systems are just extra pipes,tanks and pumps, anything special will be taught to you.

    relax enjoy the ride
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      From an engineering point of view, there will be nothing very new for you as 3rd. Things like mud and so on is just pumps and valves, etc.

      As you move up the ladder it gets a bit more specialised, but you will pick that up as you go along.
      Go out, do stuff