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Boiler questions.

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  • Boiler questions.

    I was wondering if you could help me with a question, I'm a bit thrown off by it's wording to be honest.

    List FOUR safety or alarm devices fitted to an automatically controlled auxiliary boiler
    indicating how EACH of these devices may be treated

    I have The low level fuel shut off device, Main Steam Stop valve, Feed Check Valve and safety valve.

    I am aware of what they do I just don't understand the word treated in the sentence. Do you think that is the action to take up on the alarm sounding?

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    Checks you'd do on them to make sure they're functioning? < Pure guesswork, I'm not an engineer!


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      You need to describe what your actions would be where one to activate...

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        I would think that they would be looking for items fitted to the control system rather tha actually to the boiler.

        So you should be looking at things which will stop the burner rather than physical objects on the boiler.

        Are you sure the question says indicating how each of these devices may be treated and not may be tested?
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          I think you need to read the question, & find out what the things you listed actually are. As in my eyes, only 2 of those are related I to the question answer & I'm not sure what low level fuel alarm that is.
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