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IAMI exams 18th July...question help needed!!!

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  • IAMI exams 18th July...question help needed!!!

    3. With reference to High Viscosity Fuel Oil:

    a) Explain how it is treated between storage tank and main engine...

    Hi guys, would much appreciate a decent and straight to the point answer on this one because i'm struggling!.

    Thanks anyone who can help!

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    It's just how do you treat your fuel, from bunker tank to engine. High Viscosity bit is to tell you it is heavy fuel they are interested (>120cst or so).
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      How do you transfer it from the storage (bunker) tanks to the settling tanks, what do you have to do before you can transfer it.

      What is the purpose of the settling tank?

      How does it get from the settling tanks to daily service tanks?

      What happens between the service tank and the main engine, what property of the fuel do you have to control to get proper atomisation at the injectors, what else happens between the service tank and the engine to ensure that the fuel quality is correct?
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        Learn how a viscometer works/draw a basic one - the 2gears & capillary tube, vaguely recall being asked to draw one when I was a cadet......back in my day etc etc
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