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  • 2nd Engineer Unlimited (Motor)

    Evening Guys and Gals

    I haven't got enough sea time yet to sit my 2nd's but was going to start studying and preparing, could anyone recommend and useful books or websites that could help ?

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    Reid's Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

    Lamb's Questions and Answers The website has a subscription based section with worked examples from passed motor EK papers, well worth the money IMHO.

    Good luck.
    Go out, do stuff


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      Thanks for the info Clanky

      Would you recommend getting more experience with large slow speeds before my seconds as i'm only working with small medium speed at the moment ?


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        If you can then yes, but so long as you know the basics and you are able to pick the rest up from the books then you should be OK. When you go to college, pick the brains of the guys who are there who have worked with slow speeds as there is a good chance that you will get hammered on slow speeds in your orals if you haven't actually worked with them before.

        The marine diesels site should be particularly helpful with regard to maintenance procedures and the like for 2 strokes.
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          I worked on slow speeds on as a cadet but a don't have any experience as an officer.

          Thanks for the advice


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            If you have no experience with slow speeds, there is some really good youtube videos of big overhuals, watch it with something like MAN B&W manual in front of you, and it will really help you get familarised with it. Doing this kind of thing you can pass the exam with out even touching one I found. The videos are great for when your just too tired to revise more, instead of watching some other television which will only distract your mind.

            I will upload some manuals here. Hang on.

            MAN B&W 2-stroke manual -

            MAK 4-stroke -

            As for books my favourites are Marine Engineering series;
            - Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice, H.D. McGeorge
            - Diesel Engines, A.J. Wharton & General Engineering Knowledge, another H D McGeorge book.

            Rollo Tompkins books (from Marine diesels website) are good for revising for exam questions from. Although you need to bare in mind some of his answers are full answers, more then you need to write in the exam. The exam is a lot of time management. He also doesn't cover aux steam or electrics. There is a big moan about people copying from his books inside the front cover, but you will notice a lot of the diagrams he uses, which is correct for exam results, are copied directly from different books, so not sure on that whole moan, also a but annoying he doesn't publish it in proper book form for the price, so it doesn't fall apart after a year.