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  • Latsco

    Hi guys and girls

    I have just started my 1st phase at Glasgow and i am really enjoying it. I come from a construction (electrical + mechanical) background as a surveyor so looking forward to getting stuck into my college work. I got Latsco as my sponsor however i am finding researching them pretty hard. I know they deal in product carriers and LPG tankers which i am delighted about has anyone got any prior experience with them ?? i hear they are a registered in Britain but Greek owners if thats any relevance. Any info would be great



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    Hi Bare,
    I served my cadetship with Latsco and can tell you they are not a bad sponsoring company. You will find that they won't have any contact with you until your sea phase though.

    They are mainly made up of Greek officers with Fillipino officers and ratings. They travel worldwide and the vessels I served on were reasonably new. You can usually find them on AIS (hellas argosy and hellas serenity) which should give you a few stats of the vessels you'll likely be serving on.

    The training was okay and the crew were really helpful if you asked questions and showed an interest but they didnt really have time for moaners ( so don't be that kind of cadet).
    When it comes to your first sea phase take a few good engineering books with you as the ships library is pretty empty.

    Good luck!