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  • Chevron

    Hi i,

    Im just away to start a FD course for engineering with CMT. Just got a call inviting me to a medical/interview with Chevron so just wanted to check if anyone has gone through their interview process before? Im absolutely over the moon because of the size and calibre of the company. Couldn't have wished for better I dont think. Anyone already with Chevron? Any hints or tips on how the days going to go would be massively appreciated!

    Cheers in advance!

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    No idea what the interview is like for cadetship with Chevron, but if it is anything like the one I had for an officer position last year it will be fairly easy going. From what they told me, given the low level you would be going in at, they can't really gain that much from you in one interview (as opposed to interviewing a C/O etc). What they want to see is a fairly well rounded person who looks like they have potential.

    Again, in what you will be doing, I can't really say. But my interview went something like this:

    Day 1 - Full Medical at Clyde Marine AM (this is includes physical test, so long you are normally fit and healthy you will pass easily!!)
    Lunchtime/early afternoon - full chest x-ray
    Mid afternoon to end - Initial meeting and interview at Northern Marine Offices
    Day2 - Company Induction etc etc

    Bear in mind you quite likely will not meet and Chevron people during the interview, Northern Marine deal with all the manning stuff for Chevron.


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      Cheers Brookster,

      Aye you were right enough the interview was easy going. Got all my jags and physical test out the way then xrays and interview in the afternoon. I was like a puppy with my eyes shooting out my head in the Northern Marine Offices. Was Ace!

      You with Chevron the now?


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        I am indeed, 3/E with them. There is a possibility we may meet somewhere in the fleet at some point!


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          Originally posted by thebrookster View Post
          I am indeed, 3/E with them. There is a possibility we may meet somewhere in the fleet at some point!

          Spot on! I'll get the pints/mojitos/saki in if we meet. where you currently sailing?


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            Chevron seem to be advertising a lot in the British Merchant Navy Union newspaper, Nautilus UK. So they must be on a big recruitment drive. Tankers are good experience for engineers.


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              They are having a bit of a fleet expansion going at the moment, both replacing a few of the older ships with new ones, and adding new ships to the VLCC/Afra/Suez fleet.

              They have also recently diversified into the DP market, having bought one DP tanker from NMM and have just sent a new build DP out to work one of their fields in Brazil. They also have plans on adding a few more to this market, both DP2 and DP3 class.

              They also seem to be making a bit more of an effort to recruit British cadets and Officers in particular, whether there is a reason for this I don't know, but can only benefit you guys!!