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  • EOOW exams Tyne dock

    Here are some of the Latest EOOW exams if anybody wants them including mine.

    MCA tyne Pass.
    1) What S/G system did you have.
    2) Draw it
    3) Safety features ( Low – Low low , High pressure , Fault alarms in e/r P/p stop , telemotor failure.)
    4) How do you do emergency steering
    5) How does the Emergency Generator work.
    6) How is started on your ship
    7) How else can it be started.
    8) safety equipment in the room ( Ventilation , Fuel cut off , Fire extinguisher)
    9) Genny doesn’t come on automatically what do you do (Hydraulic start)
    10) That’s ****ed what do you do (said hope the Standby generator can be started some how)
    11) whats got power to it now if the emergency gen isn’t working (Nav , coms , emergency lighting)
    12) What do you do . (contact a tug ask for tow) repair emergency genny)
    13) How do you start a gen on your ship (local blow through)
    14) Checks before start.
    15) How synch and load share.
    16) What does the Emergency Generator Power .
    17) Trips on genny , how do they work
    18) Explain motoring and what would happen?
    19) What other trips do you find on the switch board? Explain preferential tripping.
    20) Whats the benefits of load sharing.
    21) Indications of a scavenge fire. What do you do.
    22) Draw the fresh water generator Explain how it works.
    23) What else must you have before you can drink it. (clorination then a UV lamp)
    24) Corrected me said you need a UV lamp as back up for Clorinator
    25) Thermal oil boiler alarms
    26) Benefits of thermal oil (closed system , less maintenance )
    27) Dangers of thermal oil
    28) Boiler alarms
    29) Boiler flash up
    30) What are you looking for during a purifier operation
    31) How does a purifier work mainly talked about how does Desludging work.
    (wanted everything like bowl lifts , ports are uncovered , what forces are involved centrifugal and water pressure) (at what stages are the water operating , Fuel inlet closes – Bowl Pushed down Ports uncovered centrifugal force throws it out as does the desludge water , seal water bowl refills.
    32) Bunker procedure .
    33) Sopep equipment
    34) How do you know What fuel you have (Fuel data sheet)
    35) Samples
    36) Who do they go to
    37) When do you use the fuel (after lab result)
    38) Tanks are always empty in an ideal world whats the problem with mixing fuel , Can become a mixture of viscosity . (Can cause clogging . He didn’t know the word but when two fuels are blended they become like gluten and extremely sticky ) Threw me off this one.
    39) What controls the viscosity
    40) How does it work ( Impellor rotating in the fuel ,linked to heater etc)
    41) What are the pipelines are the visotherm ( double skin, drain tank and Steam lagged)
    42) Sewage plant Draw it how does it work
    43) Problems and dangers associated if the compressor breaks.
    44) OWS regs for pumping Bilges
    45) Say you bypassed the OWS why (ship sinking emergency)
    46) What are you using (ejector pump)
    47) How do you set up the ejector pump
    48) How do you lauch the freefall everybody dutys.
    49) How do you test fire detectors (Smoke , flame , Heat)
    50) What fixed installations did you have (Hi fog 1st ship and drencher co2 second)
    51) How is the hi fog activated ( Linked into the fire detection , Breaker glasses)
    52) How do you launch the co2 system procedure
    53) Enclosed space entry procedure
    54) Were do you find Rules in regards to permits to work Coswp Chapter 16
    55) Enclosed space entry ? Chapter 17
    56) How do you launch the rescue boat on first ship . Open Rescue boat
    57) Type of Hook (both ofload and onload
    58) What must you have (Emersion suits and Inflatable jackets)
    59) Speed it must be able to do (Think it was 12 knots.)
    60) What must a Davit rescue boat have on the winch( a motor to draw it in quickly)
    61) What have been the recent dangers in regards to Open rescue boats ? (didn’t know this one was limit switch failures and due to this the wire snapping)
    62) How do you know if you have an earth fault
    63) Dangers
    64) How do you find it
    65) What do you do on the motor (insulation continuity test)
    66) Fridge plant (he didn’t know if the reefers were connected to our fridge plant I said no he said explain you fridge plant. I said compressors and 3 cold spaces asked for temps.)
    67) AC problems causing ill effects ( legionaires )
    68) How do you prevent it (sterilisation and a drain line)

    That will do you passed

    MCA Tyne Dock III/1 Mr. Groak - 25/06/2013 Result: Pass
    1 hour 10 mins
    1) Bridge gives you 1 hour notice arrival into port, what do you do?
    - Went round all the steps I would do before he went back to each step and asked further questions
    2) How would you start up a generator? (He wanted to know all the checks that were done locally and what you would do in preparation to start it)
    3) Effects of blowing through the engine
    4) Especially on two strokes, why do we turn over on the turning gear and blow through?
    5) When the steering gear is engaged, what are you checking for?
    6) Okay, so the generator is up and running, how was it synchronised on your vessel?
    7) How to sync manually? What does the synchroscope compare?
    8) What is the importance of load sharing?
    9) If one generator was taking most of the load and the other was taking minimal load what would the effects be?
    10) He explained, when a new motor starts the loaded generator would try and pick up the new load. What would happen to the other generator? (Begin to motor)
    11) Explain motoring and what would happen?
    12) What other trips do you find on the switch board? Explain preferential tripping.
    13) Fresh water generator regulations
    14) What can cause the salinity levels to rise?
    15) Aside from the distance away from shore, why else should the FW generator be shut off (Insufficient jacket water temp)
    16) Air compressor checks
    17) You notice the air compressor is running continuously, even though the air receivers are full. Why? (I talked about tracing the system for leakages etc, settled on blow past into the crank case)
    18) What would you notice if there was blow past in the compressor crankcase?
    19) What else? (oily mist)
    20) What other air pressures did you have on your ship? How were these pressures created if compressor output was 30bar?
    21) Aside from 30 bar starting air, were other air pressures used on the main engine and what for?
    22) What type of sewage plant did your ship have? Describe to me how it works.
    23) What would be the dangers if the air compressors stopped working?
    24) What checks do you make on the purifier?
    25) You notice the sludge tank level is high but it had a low level when you last checked, what could have happened? (purifier lost its seal)
    26) Why could it have lost its seal, what would happen? (back pressure, trip/alarm)
    27) Could be bad bunker fuel, what could you do? (change fuel oil tanks, drain off water regularly, inform chief engineer)
    28) When transferring sludge from one tank to the other, what would you do? (ORB)
    29) How else could water get in the fuel? (broken heating coil in tank)
    30) Other than excess water in the fuel, what else would indicate a leak?
    31) What safety devices and alarms on a boiler?
    32) High level water in a boiler is just as serious as low level, why? (I said water carry over into steam lines, water hammer?)
    33) What is water hammer and how is it caused?
    34) Start up the auxiliary boiler from cold
    35) What is purging and why is it important?
    36) What type of pump was your bilge pump?
    37) Why a positive displacement pump? Could you run this with the discharge closed?
    38) What are the regulations surrounding bilge water?
    39) What type of pump is your cooling water pump? (centrifugal) Why?
    40) You notice that the discharge pressure gauge is fluctuating, why? (I gave lots of different suggestions)
    41) You involve the electrician, you say it’s the motor, he says it could be the pump. How would you quickly find out which part is faulty? (detach coupling between motor and pump – run motor)
    42) What effect does short circuits and earth faults have on motors?
    43) Okay, say the problem is with the motor. How would you test it? (Whole isolation procedure, draws a junction box to demonstrate continuity and insulation tests)
    44) The oiler has taken his daily soundings and noticed that a fuel oil storage tank is full, but the control room screen is showing the tank as empty. What are your actions?
    45) Okay, so the chief has decided you need to check the level sensors in the tank. Run me through how you would do this. (Drain tank to a different fuel tank, whole entry to enclosed space procedure)
    46) What else would you need to isolate before entry? (Heating coils, suction valves and transfer pumps etc.)
    47) What else? (Notify crew that work is going on in the tank)

    Okay, that will do, you’ve passed.
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