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  • information for the coc exam

    I am a cadet engineer from bangladesh and i am a direct entry. i have a legal cdc and 18 months seatime in my hand. now i want to give the coc exam, as early as possible. pls help me as i want to know if i can give coc exam anywhere in the world with 18 months seatime only? i will be very grateful. its very urgent. (i have no bachelor degree and i want to sit in the exam with 18 months seatime only)

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    Having no bachelor degree will not stop you from taking the exam here in the UK. However, unless you have completed an MNTB training book for either the deck or engine departments then you will not be eligible for Oral exam (you might get away with an ITF one).

    If you wanted to sit the exam somewhere else (e.g. Panama) then you can, but it will raise some questions when applying for a job so I would advise you to sit the exam in Bangladesh.
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