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    I have already posted this in the engineers recommendations thread, but this site is a fantastic resource.

    The free to all section has some fantastic info for cadets and also for officers studying for higher certificates of competency, I am sure much of the free content will also be useful for deck officers doing their engineering knowledge paper.

    There is also a members only section which, while at a level that cadets do not need to go to was invaluable to me for both seconds and chiefs motor engineering knowledge and orals.

    It is (or at least used to be) run by Rollo Tomkins who is (or at least used to be) a lecturer at Warsash.

    Hope it is useful to a few of you.
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    This is another good one!

    Marine engineering is the science and profession of designing, building, maintaining, and operating marine vessels.
    Engine Cadet | Phase 5 @ Warsash Maritime Academy